National Carbon Bank of Australia

VEET Scheme Update

BCA Evidence –Yellow Pages, True Local and official online Shopping Centre Directories are now acceptable for jobs under 200 VEECs. Please ensure that these screenshots will still need to satisfy the BCA requirements of confirmation of business name, installation address and BCA class/space type.

Use of BCA Class 6 – from the 21st February 2017, all jobs installed on or after this date must comply with the following definition clarification:

Class 6 can only be applied to premises that sell petrol and have an area for servicing motor vehicles OR a car dealership which contains an area for the servicing of vehicles.

Therefore, premises that solely provide specialised automotive services, repair, and maintenance (that do not form part of a petrol station or car dealership) are excluded from Class 6 and must be classified under Class 8 (other than division C). For example, a panel beater car workshop or mechanic’s garage will be worth 3000 hours from 21st February, unless it has a petrol station or car dealership attached to it.

Inclusion of Electrician (Installer) Company Name – from the 21st February 2017, details of the Electrician (Installer) Company Name, Electrician First Name and Electrician Last Name will be required when submitting information for a new job. These details must match the company contracted to carry out the works.

Decommissioning Evidence and Recycling Certificate – The ESC has identified reconciliation as an area of improvement, in particular decommissioning verification. Please ensure that all installers take clear and accurate photographs of ALL decommissioned lamps and ballasts in order to avoid delays or withdrawal of claims. Further, please ensure all recycling certificates state “an itemised breakdown of the disposed equipment, showing the lamp type and type of control gear.” Total weight will no longer be acceptable as evidence of decommissioning.

If you have any questions, please contact NCBA