National Carbon Bank of Australia

Automation Company Publishes Industry Report on Energy Efficiency

Industrial automation components supplier European Automation has compiled a special report containing helpful information and advice for manufacturers who want to become more energy efficient. The study  explores ways in which industrial automation is helping manufacturers adapt to i
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The efficiency bite out of VIC’s peak demand

This is a well written view, illustrating the impact that the VEET has had  on reducing Victoria’s energy use, as seen over the course of the recent heat wave. The VEET scheme  is currently under review by the Victorian government. Lets hope they take a leaf out of the NSW ESS a
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“Can I still claim Energy Savings Certificates if the Carbon Tax is scrapped?”

We have often been asked this question in one form or another  – more recently as the election looms. In short, the answer is “yes!” Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs)  and  Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) are generated from the NSW Energy Savings Sc
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