National Carbon Bank of Australia

Street, Tunnels, Roads and Public Lighting (STRP)

Effective 15 April 2016, the NSW Government introduced a new method under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme to encourage the rollout of energy efficient street lighting by making it easier for Councils to access the benefits of the Scheme. The National Carbon Bank of Australia’s recently approved accreditation, NCBA Street, Tunnels, Roads and Public Lighting RESA Accreditation, is active under the newly legislated method Clause 9.4A, Public Lighting Savings Formula, in the Energy Savings Scheme (Amendment No. 1) Rule 2016.


NCBA has been granted this as the first accreditation by IPART under the new NSW Public Lighting Method, used to calculate energy savings from the upgrade of lighting for Roads and Public Spaces or Traffic Signals. NCBA worked closely with industry, Distribution Network Service Provider’s (DNSPs) and Local Councils to pioneer this new method of certificate creation, coordinating directly with the DNSP to collect, validate and quality check all evidence necessary. All spot or accelerated replacements of luminaries owned or maintained by (DNSP) or the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) are eligible, thus making Local Councils the ideal candidates for the Public Lighting Method.

To clarify, the new Public Lighting Method is intended for utility-owned and RMS-owned street lighting and not for Council-owned public lighting (e.g. in parks, plazas, parking lots and on streets). However, NCBA has an existing accreditation under the Commercial Lighting Formula, intended for such projects and is working, for example, with Transport for NSW on the upgrade of lighting in 300 rail stations under this other accreditation. Please feel free to contact NCBA at any point regarding any such public lighting projects.

In Victoria, National Carbon Bank is also working to facilitate the development of energy efficiency certificates in outdoor and public spaces under the Victorian Non-Building Based (NBB) Lighting Method. Non-Building Based Lighting Upgrades will also incorporate projects that were previously particularly challenging under the existing Essential Services Commission (ESC) Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET), incentivising reductions in energy consumption.

NCBA is also accredited to create Energy Savings Certificates for other energy efficiency upgrades including HVAC, building management systems, plant and equipment, data centres and UPS energy efficiency upgrades.

If you wish to learn more about any of these methods, please contact National Carbon Bank on (02) 9939 5559 or Adam Bertino (