National Carbon Bank of Australia

Commercial Lighting Formula (CLF)

clf-photo-oneThe National Carbon Bank of Australia (NCBA) is an Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP) under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS), helping to reduce energy consumption by creating financial incentives for organisations to invest in energy saving projects. Any company or organisation wishing to reduce their energy consumption through the replacement of inefficient lighting equipment is likely to be eligible for a claim under this legislation, with NCBA guiding you every step of the way.

NCBA works closely with the energy saver and installer to collect, validate and quality check all evidence necessary to create Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs). NCBA will also trade these certificates on behalf of the customer, possessing the highest volumetric limit for ESC creation under Commercial Lighting in the NSW ESS. This has allowed NCBA to create and trade certificates faster for our clients over the course of 1445 projects in NSW alone.

National Carbon Bank specialises in all aspects of Commercial Lighting Upgrades, guiding solution providers through IPART’s lighting approval process. If you wish to register your luminaire as an accepted Emerging Lighting Technology through IPART, please contact our Product Approval Team on (02) 9939 5559 or

clf-photo-twoFurthermore, NCBA has developed Total ESC Solutions for energy savers within NSW, collating and verifying all of the evidence required to claim Lighting Upgrades. NCBA manages each project undertaken, guiding the energy saver and installer through the installation as well as collecting the necessary evidence including photographs and lux levels. If you are considering lighting upgrades, please contact Adam on (02) 9939 5559 or for more information regarding ‘T.E.S’.

In Victoria, the National Carbon Bank of Australia is an Accredited Person (AP) under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET), designed to make energy efficiency improvements more affordable and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases. NCBA brings its extensive knowledge and expertise into the Victorian system as one of the largest standing commercial lighting AP’s, successfully creating almost half a million Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) within the 2016 calendar year.

If you are considering lighting upgrades or require further clarification on either the NSW or Victorian Scheme, please contact National Carbon Bank on (02) 9939 5559.