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VEET Scheme Update- Large Energy Users’ Scheduled Activity Premises (SAPs)

The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme, as of the 1st August 2017, has been amended to allow Scheduled Activity Premises (SAP’s) to either remain excluded or to ‘opt-in’ to the VEET Scheme. Under this amendment, SAP’s (otherwise known as EREP Registered Sites) that ‘opt-in’ to the scheme are able to generate certificates, however, they also become prescribed customers, as they create liabilities for their energy retailers. SAP’s that choose to ‘opt-in’ to the scheme become a prescribed customer in January of the second calendar year after the first certificate is created and registered. All SAP premises will be published in a Register of Scheduled Activity Premises by the Essential Services Commission (ESC). This register will categorise SAP’s into four statuses, null, notice made, VEEC’s registered and prescribed customer, these statuses are fully explained in table 1.

Status Description
Null SAP is excluded from the VEET Scheme.
Notice Made Occupier of the SAP has successfully provided notice to the ESC to opt-in to the VEET scheme. A prescribed activity under the VEET scheme can be undertaken for premises with this status and VEEC’s created following the completion of the upgrade activity.
VEEC’s Registered VEEC’s have been successfully created and registered for prescribed activities undertaken at the premises. SAPs with this status are eligible to undertake further prescribed activities under the VEET scheme.
Prescribed Customer The SAP has become a prescribed customer for the purposes of the definition of scheme acquisition in the Act. The energy consumed at this premises will need to be included in the liability calculations of their energy retailer (i.e. relevant entity) under the act.


To opt-in to the VEET scheme a SAP must complete the administrative process, SAP’s that do not notify the ESC that they wish to opt-in to the scheme will continue to be excluded. To opt-in to the scheme a SAP must provide notice using the Notification to Undertake a prescribed activity template, which is available on the Energy Consumer page of the VEET website. Once the notice has been received and the validity of the notification has been assessed, the SAP will have the status of ‘Notice Made’. If the notice is valid and pursuant to Regulation 10AA, the SAP will be able to undertake a prescribed activity with NCBA under the VEET scheme. Upon completion of the prescribed activity, NCBA can then create VEEC’s for the activity. Once these VEEC’s have been created and successfully registered by the ESC, the status of the SAP will change to ‘VEEC’s Registered’. On the 1 January of the second calendar year after a VEEC is registered at a SAP, the premise becomes a prescribed customer for the purposes of the definitions within the scheme. This means that the Relevant Entity will not be able to claim an exemption for the energy consumed at the SAP in respect of their liability under the Act and Principal Regulations.