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NSW Govt Supports Energy Savings Scheme

In a Media Release on Friday, the NSW Government announced a series of enhancements and changes to the NSW Energy Savings Scheme. Mostly positive, the changes at least show a commitment to continue to attempt to encourage energy savings across the consumer and commercial spectrum.

The Media Release:

Anthony Roberts MP
Minister for Resources and Energy
Special Minister of State
Rob Stokes MP
Minister for the Environment
Minister for Heritage
Minister for the Central Coast
Assistant Minister for Planning

Friday 30 May 2014


The NSW Government today announced improvements to its successful
Energy Savings Scheme (ESS), a market-based mechanism delivered by industry that
encourages households and businesses to reduce electricity consumption and costs
by installing, improving or replacing energy saving equipment.

Large electrical goods retailers can provide discounts to customers on energy efficient
products such as televisions or white goods and then claim credits.

These credits can then be bought by parties looking to meet their energy saving
requirements in the ESS.

Minister for Resources and Energy Anthony Roberts said it will now be easier for
families, businesses and industry to save money by being more energy efficient.

“In the first full review of the ESS since it was created in 2009, more than 90
submissions were received,” Mr Roberts said.

“Energy retailers and distribution businesses that meet their energy saving
requirements by offering discounts to households and businesses that reduce their
energy use, receive credits.

“Professional qualified auditors will be established to help businesses and families
make more energy savings and thereby reduce their costs.

“Increasing energy productivity in NSW will help families and businesses save on their
bills, create jobs, reduce waste and improve our energy and resource security.”

Environment Minister Rob Stokes also endorsed the ESS improvements, saying they
were in step with the Government’s long term strategy.

“Today’s announcement reinforces the NSW Government’s commitment to the ESS
as an important scheme to help households and businesses save 16,000 GWh each
year by 2020,” he said.

“Our vision is for a strong and resilient economy with increased productivity but
reduced environmental impacts.”

The improvements to the ESS give communities greater access to rewards for energy
efficiency, with:

 New incentives for households to purchase quality and affordable energy savings
upgrades to their home, including high efficiency heating and cooling, lighting,
window glazing and draught sealing;

 Quick and easy incentives for businesses to purchase highly efficient commercial
refrigeration and air conditioning equipment;

 Better performance standards for commercial lighting products that ensure
customers receive high quality and long lasting products and services; and

 Red tape removal to make it easier for appliance retailers and service providers to
access the scheme and to enable service providers to use the same accreditation
for multiple customers rather than having to prepare a new application individually.

All products to be used in the scheme must have appropriate NSW Fair Trading or IPART

Full details are available on the Resources and Energy website: