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NSW Energy Savings Scheme

The National Carbon Bank of Australia is an Accredited Certified Provider (ACP) under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme.

The Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) began 1st July 2009 and is part of the NSW Government’s plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions 60% by 2050. It is legislated to continue until 2020 or until a national scheme is introduced. The scheme is administered and regulated by IPART (Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal).

The objective of the NSW ESS scheme is to reward companies that undertake projects that either reduce electricity consumption or improve the efficiency of energy use.

Under the scheme, Energy Savings Certificates (“ESC”s) are created when a company can legitimately prove they have reduced or improved their energy use. The ESC’s can be sold to electricity retailers (known as “Scheme Participants”) who have an annual target number of certificates they must create themselves or acquire from others.

It is important that as the original Energy Saver, your upgrade that you commission not only satisfies the requirement to save or make more efficient use of energy, but also provides the same or improves on the levels of production you require. In other words, it is important to not only consider product price and installation, but other factors such as in the case of a Commercial Lighting upgrade; colour temperature, illumination (lux) levels , colour rendering index, reflectance, etc.

Energy Savings Certificates (ESC’s) are created, traded and surrendered through an online Registry known as the GGAS & ESS Registry, see

The Registry is a transparent web-based database which manages records of certificate providers and certificates. All participants and members of the public may access the Registry. A fee is imposed on the registration of each certificate at the time of creation, payable prior to the certificate being released for transfer or surrender.

Like a share registry, the GGAS & ESS Registry is not a trading platform. Trading occurs outside the Registry. Once a trade is made the change in ownership of those certificates is recorded on the Registry.

For more details on the NSW Energy Savings Scheme you could visit or contact us at the National Carbon Bank as we are here to help.

ESC’s must be created by using an Approved Certificate Provider (“ACP”). Subject to the scheme conditions being met, the National Carbon Bank of Australia will create ESC’s on behalf of your company when your energy efficiency upgrade has been implemented. The upgrade is known as a Recognised Energy Savings Activities (RESA). We then sell the ESC’s for you and pay you the proceeds from the sale less the Registry fees and our service charge.

National Carbon Bank of Australia
National Carbon Bank of Australia
National Carbon Bank of Australia