National Carbon Bank of Australia

NCBA Rover App

At NCBA we are always trying to make your life easier. Over the past few months NCBA have developed a new app to help you and your business manage your lighting upgrades more efficiently, saving you time and money!



Use NCBA Rover on your Android phone or tablet to collect and provide all of the information needed to claim Energy Savings Certificates in NSW and VIC for your lighting upgrade.

Instant ESC and VEEC estimations as well as quotations for your clients.

Using NCBA Rover will help make your life easier to claim available returns.

Making Installs Easier.

NCBA Rover enables you to pre-fill information, such as the lamps installed, from a pre-uploaded list of approved lamps. You can confirm the quantities and enter in lamp types all through NCBA Rover as well.

Capture Signatures.

Capture customer and Field worker signatures for acceptance of National Carbon Bank of Australia contract terms and forms. You and your clients can sign the required forms and upload all of the information directly to National Carbon Bank for faster creation of Energy Saving Certificates. It also means a lot less paperwork, a lot less chasing signatures and a lot less scanning of documents.

Capture Photo Evidence.

Capture photos for required evidence or for your own record keeping. Photos will be date-stamped and geotagged, a requirement for compliance – the app takes care of it! Rover walks you through each step, ensuring you don’t miss any required evidence.

Divide Space Types and Label Photos.

It is very easy to forget a vital piece of evidence when there are so many photos required for compliance. Rover labels each photo so you don’t have to, as well as dividing the photos up by each space you install in. This means you don’t have to scroll through a load of photos, trying to figure out what is what. It also means we don’t have to either, which speeds up the process of creating your Energy Saving Certificates.

Instant Quotes.

NCBA Rover has an instant quoting function (optional for your lights) and instant ESCs and VEECs quotes based on your lighting upgrade.

Address Validation.

Customer addresses are validated against a Geocoded National Address File to ensure that the property exists. Not only is the address validated, but it is corrected for typos.

To find out more about the NCBA Rover app call National Carbon Bank on (02)9939 5559.

Note: NCBA Rover available on Android compatible handheld devices.