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IMPORTANT: VEET Schedule 34 Commercial Lighting Changes

The Essential Services Commission has introduced the long-awaited provision of extended operating hours. Amongst these amendments there were also a couple of changes that you will need to be aware of. There are key changes to some of the evidence requirements.

Inclusion of Annual Operating Hours (AOH)

Based on the default hours’ system used in the NSW Energy Savings Scheme, participants may now claim extended operating periods for lights in certain types of buildings. This means more VEECs may be created, sometimes more than double.

The BCA Building Class and type of space governs the hours appropriate for your installation. You will be required to provide evidence of the type of space. You can view the BCA Building Classification table and Annual Operating Hours table to find out more.

Inclusion of non-building based lighting upgrade activities

Including on roads, in a public space, or installation of traffic signals.

Inclusion of the following two new types of lighting contro devices

– Multiple control systems – where all lamps in the lighting system are connected to a programmable dimmer and manual dimmer
– Multiple control system – any other combination of 2 or more control systems

VEEC calculation changes

Due to changes in the mix of energy production in Victoria, the ESC have altered the greenhouse abatement coefficients for electricity from ‘0.963’ to ‘1.095’, increasing the number of VEECs generated. This should generally increase the amount of VEECs by about 10%

Evidence requirement changes

In addition to the above, there have been a number of changes to evidence requirements for Commercial Lighting assignments:
-Evidence of space type and BCA Building Class: as mentioned above, participants will have to provide additional evidence of space type and building class where the Annual Operating Hours are 4500 or greater. For more details contact your NCBA compliance manager.
-Geo-tagged photograph of the outside of the upgrade premises: intended to form part of the evidence of building class/space type, a geo-tagged photo of the outside of the building is now also required. This will apply for all installations regardless of operating hours claimed.

What does this mean for your business?

For many Commercial Lighting Projects, you will be able to create more VEECs and a quicker payback period for your client.


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