National Carbon Bank of Australia

How to Green your Strata Building

An interesting and informative article, which presents the case for sustainability upgrades for Australian Strata Title properties.

Christine Byrne, founder of Green Strata and the 2014 winner of The Green Globe ‘Community Sustainability Award’, presents the business case to individual strata owners, building managers and owners corporations for improving the energy efficiency and overall sustainability of Strata properties.

” The body of data developed around energy-using systems in strata buildings, the return on investment and payback periods of “low hanging fruit” initiatives is making it easier to demonstrate bottom-line benefits. Now, so many energy audits have been completed within the sector, many of them under local government programs, the big energy users have been clearly identified. We know the no-brainers, she says “.

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If you would like more information on any of the ‘low hanging fruit’ initiatives discussed in this article, contact  The National Carbon Bank      PH:02 9439 5553

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