National Carbon Bank of Australia



Description of company:IMG_3297

This organization is one of Australia’s largest retailers, which carries a range of general merchandise and apparel products with 190 stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. They are committed to introducing initiatives which reduce both their environmental impacts and improving the understanding of environmental initiatives within their team, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. They are particularly dedicated and focused on energy usage and introducing initiatives which reduce the amount of energy consumed.

Description of the energy savings upgrade/equipment:

This site upgraded the lighting on both the shop floor and the stockroom. With both areas operating lighting for an average of 5000 hours annually. The key equipment involved in this project was the replacement of 187 400W Metal Halides with Magnetic Ballast to 244 150.3W LED Highbays with Integrated Ballast.

Financial and Business viability: IMG_2431

In recognising their responsibility to the environment, to operating in a sustainable manner, and the potential for profitability, this Energy Saver employed initiatives aimed at reducing their energy consumption. The installation of energy efficient lighting at one retail store demonstrated the positive results that can be achieved both in terms of energy savings and financial gain, with Energy Savings amounted to 3118.53 MWh and 3305 Energy Savings Certificates from this upgrade. Whilst the ESC was trading at an all-time low of $10.75 per certificate, the return from the sale of ESCs was still over $35,000 plus GST. Subsequently, the Retail chain has expanded the scope of stores to undergo lighting upgrades as to further increase their energy savings and margin for profitability.




Description of company:

A retail duty free store in central Sydney required a lighting upgrade across the shop floor. Duty Free (2)

Description of the energy savings upgrade/equipment:

The existing shop downlights were retro fitted with a LED dimmable Downlight that looked professional and provided a more quality spread and colour of light.

Financial and Business viability: 

This Energy Savings Activity created 226 Energy Savings Certificates under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme with an approximate value of $3,842.00 to the shop. The duty free store not only benefited from receiving this money but has also been advantaged from ongoing lower running costs, longer running life of the new lights and a better quality lighting environment for their customers.