National Carbon Bank of Australia



Description of company:

1 O’Connell St is one of Sydney’s premier providers of commercial properties. The building has recently undergone extensive refurbishments designed to deliver a minimum 4.5 star NABERS Energy Rating. The refurbishments include an upgraded base plant and building management control system, lighting and water efficiency.

Description of the energy savings upgrade/equipment:

This Commercial IMG_1760Lighting Upgrade involved the refurbishment of lighting on 23 floors of the 1 O’Connell St building to provide well lit commercial office space. The upgrade was managed and installed by ElectriCity Electrical with The National Carbon Bank of Australia acting as the Accredited Certificate Provider. The 1 O’Connell St Commercial Lighting Upgrade allowed for the creation of 8593 ESC’s resulting in 8107.49 MWh Carbon Emissions avoided as calculated by the ESS formula. (Savings calculated under the NSW ESS formula are based on 10 years operational life and 3000 operating hours per year.)

Description of the energy savings upgrade/equipment:

More than 50% of the existing 36W T8 fittings with C Ballasts were decommissioned, with the remaining fittings being replaced by new 28W T5 fittings with A2 ballasts.

Summary of Upgrade Quantities:
Original Lighting Equipment: 6060
Upgraded Lighting Equipment: 2233
Total Lighting Decommissioned: 3827



Description of company:

An iconic, heritage listed building in Surry Hills used NCBA to create ESC’s under our Building Services Upgrades accreditation using the PIAM & V method.

Description of the energy savings upgrade/equipment:surry hill heritage site 3

The project included the replacement of equipment and some control optimisation, including:

  • 2 x Chiller upgrade,
  • Pump VSD upgrades

Financial and Business viability:

The value generated from trading the ESC’s on the market produced an approximate 11% return on capital expenditure. In this case, a commercial lighting claim was run in parallel to the PIAM & V claim to maximise the ESC creation at the site. The upgrades were also undertaken under an Environment Upgrade Agreement (EUA) in which NCBA is providing ongoing measurement and verification services for.