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Description of company:

Sydney Trains is the provider of passenger train services for the Sydney suburban area and maintainer of the greater metropolitan rail network.

Sydney Trains recognises its responsibilityCentral LED 13 (small) to protect the environment and to operate in a sustainable manner, which is reflected in the commitments under its Environment and Sustainability Policy. Sydney Trains has a comprehensive Environmental Management System in place and addressing energy and greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to other Ecologically Sustainable Development principles, is an integral part of Sydney Trains’ business planning and procurement processes.

Sydney Trains is continually striving to improve their environmental performance including energy management, an aspect the National Carbon Bank are assisting Sydney Trains in achieving. By participating in the New South Wales Energy Savings Scheme, Sydney Trains have assessed energy usage across operations and identified opportunities for greater efficiency, specifically by upgrading lighting at stations to energy efficient LED technology.  Central Station is one of the first stations to be upgraded, with further upgrades planned to occur across a range of stations throughout NSW.

Description of the energy savings upgrade/equipment:

Key equipment included the replacement of approx. 4000 36W T8 Fluorescent tubes with old style magnetic ballasts, to 1950 LED Fixed Luminaires, with Integrated ballasts. The large quantity of lights running continuously over long operating periods within enclosed and covered areas at Central station contributes to the site having a large energy consumption profile. The LED lighting upgrade at Central Station has delivered a reduction in platform lighting energy consumption by approximately 40% as well as savings made from reduced maintenance requirements due to the significantly longer life span of the new lights.

Financial and Business viability:

The project has delivered a number of benefits to the organization including:
– A reduction in platform lighting energy usage of around 40%; Central LED 12 (small)
– Reduced maintenance due the longer lamp life of the LEDs – up to 50,000 hours versus 14,000 hours for the previous lighting, and
– Improved lux levels which have contributed to an enhanced customer environment as well as further strengthening safety and security at the site.

The replacement of the existing lighting to an energy efficient system resulted in a total energy reduction of 5806.63 MW. That is the equivalent to avoidance of annual greenhouse gas emissions from 843 cars or avoidance of CO2 emissions from 1,950,560 kg of coal burned or 1.1 wind turbines installed.  Additionally the 6155 Energy Savings Certificates generated from this project amounted to a market value of approx. $75,000. Sydney Trains intends to reinvest these funds into further energy efficiency and small scale renewable energy initiatives. These figures contributed to Sydney Trains achieving extensive energy savings and preservation of resources.

Central station is one of the first stations to receive an energy efficient lighting upgrade. However, the project at Central station is part of a larger program of works underway in which energy efficient lighting upgrades are being rolled-out at over 100 stations across the greater metropolitan network