National Carbon Bank of Australia

Building Services & Plant and Equipment Upgrades – NSW Measurement and Verification

In November 2015 NCBA obtained Project Impact Assessment & Verification accreditation from IPART for ‘Building Services Upgrades’ (BSU) projects.

It is a broad ranging accreditation allowing us to use the Measurement and Verification method to create ESC’s for any projects that achieve energy savings as a result of upgrades to any HVAC associated plant and equipment, lighting, pumps and pipework, insulation, motors, security and  Building Management and Control Systems (BMCS).

The PIAM&V method is experiencing significant growth in the ESS and out in the market place generally. Many 1990’s era building services products and equipment are approaching end-of-life age. Many building managers are considering replacements or upgrades and so NCBA can now create ESC’s for these projects.

In addition to the ESC’s, using the method provides the benefit of certified measurement and verification of the energy saving performance of your product or project.

Get in touch with us today if you have a BSU project under development and would like to include the value of ESC’s in your design.

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